Summer Reruns

Well, even the most prolific writer needs a week or two to rest the imagination.  I’m still out there soaking up the sun (and ideas) so in the meantime, don’t think of this post as summer reruns but more like a personal TiVo where all those missed blog posts are just waiting to be read.  Here’s some of the favorites that maybe you missed…

Can You All Hear Me In The Back?

A guided tour of life’s little stories by screenwriter & author Darlene Craviotto.

The Girls of Summer

Ever wonder if all those endless treks in the SUV to practices really pay off?  They do!

One Small Step For Mankind, One Giant Leap For Me

For a recovering agoraphobic, a business trip for Hubbie can be a bit challenging.

If I’d Listened To My Agent, I Never Would’ve Written It

A post every writer should read.

For An Unknown Soldier

Some wounds our soldiers come home with can’t always be seen.

Are You An Introvert (Or Am I Too Much An Extrovert For Asking?)

Extrovert or Introvert?  Can’t we all just get along?

The Curious Undeath Of Leonard Boswick III

Some fun reading for every animal lover.

This Is What Happens When You Procrastinate

Have you seen this man?  Help me find a guy I owe money to.

Don’t Bother Me, Dude. I’m Reading A Book!

P-Book or E-Book?  Let me know what you think.

A Love Story (Sort Of)

A Love Story Continues (Sort Of)

For all of you romantics.  Come on, you know you love a love story!

This should keep you busy until I come back in a week.  See you on July 26th with a brand new  story – and always remember:

9 thoughts on “Summer Reruns

  1. I enjoyed reading the blog about you being an agoraphobic. Until now, I didn’t have a proper title for it. Seeing “phobic” at the end of the word, I realized during the reading that it was a fear of something, and further reading allowed me to use my “context clues.”
    You have such strength!
    I’ll have to read your book to learn how MJ helped you get through this, especially since I was quite fond of him, and his work.
    Your book, I’m sure will be a testimony for those who struggle in this area.

    God Bless – Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.
    Books That Sow: Strength, Character & Diversity, DBA


    • While I’d love for you to read my book, I must tell you that although Michael is a big part of the book, the heart of the story is about my struggling with agoraphobia as a screenwriter. Not to give away any plot points, but my working with Michael forced me to confront my agoraphobia in order to work on the biggest writing assignment of my career. I never even told Michael that I was agoraphobic because in the film industry (as in many other industries) no one is ever supposed to know about any health struggles you might have. Especially if those health issues deal with emotional or mental health disorders. Please read the excerpt from the book (An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Hollywood) in the menu up above, and I think you’ll have a better understanding of my story.


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