A Love Story (Sort of): The New York Rendezvous


For those of you who have asked how the Cookie & Marty story has developed, you’ll find out this week. I usually write a new post every Thursday and put it up on this website. But there’s so much to share with everyone I can’t write just one post. It looks like it’ll take a couple of days to cover everything, and so, I’ll be posting the first part on Thursday, and the second part (instead of having you wait a week) this Friday.

If you have no idea who Cookie & Marty are, or what the heck I’m talking about, you might want to read my earlier two posts just to catch up:

A Love Story (Sort of)

A Love Story Continues (Sort of)

See you all on Thursday!


10 thoughts on “A Love Story (Sort of): The New York Rendezvous

      • This is a little weird and I swear it’s not me! When I first looked at your post the picture had a plate with bacon, sausage, an egg, toast, half a tomato and pork and beans. Now when I went back to it the knight and damsel are there. I understand your responses above and seem to continue to reinforce a reputation for obscure comments.


      • Yes, I have a photo like that here in my media library. Hmmmmm….sounds like Word Press gremlins are afoot. I’m happy that the correct photo of the knight and damsel finally showed up for you.


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