Sometimes You Just Have To Get It Off Your Chest

I’m not a fan of the iPhone 5.

I know that it’s thinner, lighter, and faster. The screen is larger, and the resolution is sharper, and it’s the best of the iPhones that Apple has to offer. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not anti-progress, or an Apple hater. I own an iPhone 4, and an iPad 2, and I’m madly in love with both.

But they’re fine just the way they are.

I don’t need them to be perfected every six months or so. They work just swell, and honestly, I couldn’t care less if Apple makes them better. Or at least better for the moment. Because you know what happens in another six months or so…Apple will make the iPhone or the iPad even better! So that means what?…another three hundred, four hundred, FIVE hundred dollars we have to spend?! Just to keep up with what’s supposed to be the best. Well, the best until the next numbered item is announced to the world.

I’m tired of playing that game.

I get it. We’re not supposed to be happy with what we have; we’re supposed to want something even better. Technology is moving at lightning speed, and we have to keep up with it. We dump the old, and reach for the new. Even if what we have is perfectly okay.

And yet…

I’m bothered by what I see on the screen: The news comes into my life and makes me pause. On the day the iPhone 5 came out Americans died overseas. People protested in the streets, and anger ruled the day. This world is split down the middle with those waiting in line for something faster, larger, and better, while others just want to live, feed their family, or be free.

Forgive me if I don’t want an iPhone 5.

It’s not as perfect as it looks.

(Have you taken a bigger bite of the Apple – Will you be buying the iPhone 5?)

30 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have To Get It Off Your Chest

  1. I own an ipad3 and the latest model ipod. I don’t have an iphone, and although I think eventually it would be nice to not carry all my gadgets with me, I’m truly happy with what I have. I like that feeling 🙂


  2. love my ipad 3, a birthday present from my family, but I don’t even use the cell phone I have – it lives in my car (hopefully charged) and only gets turned on when I have to make what I consider an “emergency” call. My cell phone message clearly states “do NOT leave me a message at this number, I won’t hear it and won’t return it” – yet just today, I had someone call on the house phone (yes we do still have one of those) and tell me they’d left me 5 messages on my cell phone. Hello, is there something being lost in translation here? What part of “I won’t return your call” do they not understand? I hate being tied to a phone and available to everyone all the time!! so nope, I won’t be overcome by the consumer frenzy to purchase the newest iphone – as you say, they will be a newer and better one in 6 months anyway. And you are so right, there are more important things going on in the world than obtaining the latest toys!!


    • Whew! Glad you agree (and so passionately!). I thought maybe it was just me being grumpy. I really dislike that Apple does this to us and I keep waiting for some kind of backlash. But so far the only sound I hear is “Baaaaaa!” That’s the sound sheep make especially when they’re standing in line.


      • no, in fact, it drives me crazy that the iphones or android equivalent have become extensions of my daughters’ and husband’s hands. They go nowhere without them including the bathroom – LOL!! At times, I have to get really pissy and insist they all put their phones elsewhere in silent mode while we try to eat a meal and have a conversation. It drives me nuts that you can’t go anywhere now without people either talking or texting on their phones. I feel like asking them why they don’t all stay home instead of paying good money to dine out in a nice restaurant if all they’re going to do is text their friends — they could do that from home for free!!


      • Ha – so I got so tired of having all 3 of them texting during dinner, I thought, well, if you can’t beat them, join them and pulled out my ipad and started messing around with it — then I heard “Mum, you didn’t hear a word I said” – LOL!! seems it only goes one way though!


  3. I guess I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming into the PDA revolution. I’m one of those people who used to grab the first new thing. Was the first in my neighborhood to have a cell phone, Blue Ray player, that kinda thing. And now, I suppose, I’ve slipped a bit. I’ve just got a phone that’s a phone and a computer that still operates on Windows XP. The electronic Dark Ages. Yet, oddly, I’m fairly happy.


    • Funny how that works out, isn’t it? You don’t need to own the most recent whatever under the sun to be happy. Although, I must say, Harvey, smart phones can be a lot of fun. You just don’t need to update them every couple of minutes – not at $200 to $500 a pop.


  4. Okay, see, this is the second time I’ve had to write this note. That’s what technology does to us. As I was saying (all of which was erased for some bizarre reason), I used to get all the gadgets as soon as they were available. Then I had an epiphany of sorts, decided cell phones were just for talking and computers, in my case, were for writing books or checking social media sites (still have a Windows XP operating system and proud of it). So maybe when the iPhone 22 comes out I might be ready for it. Or maybe not. 🙂


    • Here’s the sneaky thing about Apple: They upgrade their software systems periodically so all you do is download it and install it on your iPad or iPhone, and it’s like getting a brand new product. And it doesn’t cost you anything! Or you can pay $200 to $500 to get a new Apple product. Um, no thanks…I’ll take the free upgrade.


  5. I still have just the plain ol’ cell phone. Had a razor phone that I absolutely loved but someone decided it was not good enough so the powers at be stopped making the batteries! I loved that phone, tolerate the one I have now and have no desire for the iPhone of any number. Bad, I know, just bad!


    • Makes sense to me! I had just a plain regular cell phone and I was happy with it. I bought myself an iPhone so I’d have something to play with when I was out of the house and feeling especially agoraphobic. It actually helped me so I’m a fan of smart phones. But I just don’t like the idea of being tempted every 6 to 8 months by Apple to buy a new one. The Razor phone was a perfectly nice phone – too bad you can’t get batteries for it anymore. Planned obsolescence, I guess. They stopped making the batteries so you have to buy something new. {sigh}


      • I still have my razor– didn’t know they weren’t making batteries for it any longer–fortunately I have the batteries from the rest of the family who switched to iPhones


  6. My tendency is to revert to “Neo-Ludditism.” I came to this revelation one day at work when simultaneously my phone rang, I was being called on the 2-way and the iPad signaled that I had received an email. They keep us connected but they don’t necessarily advance communication. Another part of my rant is although they speed up communication they also hinder it. Someone sends you a message and expect an immediate response. This eliminates processing time to truly consider what your response is should be and often time isn’t of the essence, thinking is. Last component of this rant: I never checked my work email on the weekend or after 6. A time to work, a time to play.


  7. Great piece Darlene. I think the only way to save the world is to stop buying… and keep using what we have, and conserve our resources. Then all of us might have a chance to live a life of quality, not just the ones queuing for new products!


  8. I have had an iPhone 3G for 4 to 5 years and I still love it. I am going to buy the iPhone 5 though because my phone keeps dying on me.

    However, I foresee myself keeping that phone for a few years to come! LOL


      • lol I didn’t receive a notification for this but rather an email! that’s odd!

        haha and that’s true too! I am not really sure what I want so for now I am just going to stick to mine 😉


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