Lookout Fire Update: 100% Contained


We’re a grateful community tonight thanks to four helicopters, a couple of air tankers, 16 fire engines, four water tenders, four bulldozers, and four hand crews.  Additional engines and crews from outside the area were also brought in as well.  Over 300 fire personnel were assigned to yesterday’s incident up in our foothills.

Oh and let’s not forget Mother Nature’s help.

Temperatures dropped last night and winds stayed at a minimum.  That was a rare treat for a string of hot October days that can usually spell trouble and bring red flag fire conditions.

But this time we lucked out.

If you live in this area, you might want to thank a fire fighter the next time you run into a group of them at Blenders.  I waved to a few of them yesterday in their fire truck at a stop sign just down from 154.  I smiled and mouthed, “Thank you!”  I think they liked that.

Well, at least they smiled back.

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