Saying Yes To The Dress (UPDATE)

(One woman’s quest for a simple but elusive Mother of the Bride Dress…)

Your responses to last week’s blog post (Should I Say Yes To The Dress?) were so enthusiastic and helpful I wanted to let you know how the search for my special Mother of the Bride dress is going.

Not too good.

First, to recap:  Here is the dress I’m looking for:

Mother of the Bride Dress at Marys

All of you who commented last week agreed that the dress was beautiful and it would make a wonderful Mother of the Bride dress.  But the problem was that the closest store that “might” have this dress was listed as being in Yucaipa.  Besides not knowing where the hell Yucaipa was, that word “might” was making me mighty nervous.  Mary’s Bridal (the designer) was not willing to commit one way or the other if the dress was actually in Yucaipa or not.  Only that it had been delivered there in the last year.

Yeah. Not much help.

Encouraged by those of you who suggested a road trip, I reached for my phone and called the Yucaipa store that Mary’s Bridals had listed on its website as a possible location for this Dress Style #S13-M2172.  With today’s gas prices, I wasn’t about to take a second mortgage out on my house to  finance a Yucaipa road trip if the dress wasn’t there.

So I decided to call the store in Yucaipa.

On Friday no one answered the phone. On Saturday when I called I got a Sprint mailbox and a strange beep.  I tried again on Monday and still got the answering machine with no one’s name attached to it, and no name of the store.  On Tuesday night, I decided to google the store just to make sure it actually existed.  And voila, I found it!

Yucaipa’s “European Famous Tailor” was listed online – right there in Google. There was an address listed (a good sign!) and I could see by the listing that it actually existed.  Now, we all know you can’t judge a store just by its name,  so I decided to use the store’s address and Google Street View just to get a look at European Famous Tailor’s store front.  Here’s what Google showed me:

Famous Tailor

That’s right, a strip mall.

Call me silly, but when people ask me where I got my Mother Of The Bride dress, I don’t want to say a strip mall in Yucaipa.  “Around the corner from Rob’s Gun shop and Terry’s Bail Bonds.”

I took a day to think about it.  There were four other stores listed at Mary’s Bridal website that also “might” have the dress.  The next closest was in Tucson.  Okay, why not?  I called.  They answered.  They’d never heard of Dress Style #S13-M2172.

“But we can order it!” the cheerful saleslady told me.

“…Can I return it if it doesn’t fit?” I asked.

“Not really.”

Goodbye, $458 (that’s not including alterations).

Tucson was a helluva lot further than Yucaipa, and I still wouldn’t get a chance to see the dress before buying it.  I wouldn’t even be able to try it on.  But I’m the kind of person who gets an idea in my head and I don’t give up easily.  As a matter of fact, I like challenges so much, I’ve been known to persevere in spite of the fact it’s a stupid idea.  And this is where all of your comments helped me: I could just hear in my imagination Adrienne, catnipoflife, June Collins, Lynne, jubileewriter,  and so many others of you who commented telling me to take a deep breath, and not commit to buying a dress without trying it on, or at least seeing it up close.  I could hear those words of wisdom from JeriWB, quirkybooks, Raani, Wayne, Yaseen, Jen, and the rest of you.  It made me look before leaping: I thanked the saleslady, hung up, and called Yucaipa again.  This time I dialed a second number listed on the Google website.  And someone finally answered the phone.


Oh, no.

“Do you speak English?”

“Un poquito,” the woman admitted, sounding not the most confident.

“I’m looking for a dress,” I told her, speaking as loudly as possible, as though volume alone would help her understand English.  Rambling on, nervously (even I would have trouble understanding me) I told her I was looking for a Mother of the Bride dress, the name of the designer, and I gave her the style number.

“Call back, ten minutes” she told me, with great certainty.

I hung up.  I waited fifteen minutes (giving her an extra five so she’d be prepared).  I dialed her again, the phone rang and rang and rang and is probably still ringing.

Nobody answered.

You know what I’m thinking?  I’m willing to bet that Yucaipa’s European Famous Tailor has never even seen Mary’s #S13-2172 dress.  Or if they have seen it, maybe it sold right away.  Just to make sure, I called one more dress store – this time in Glendale, a store that lists Mary’s Bridal as one of its designers.

“We haven’t had that dress for months,” the woman with a thick accent explained to me.  “It sold right away!” she said.  And rubbing the wound even harder, “It’s such a beautiful dress!  One of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen.”

There are two more stores on Mary’s Bridal list that I could call: Chrsitina’s Bridal in Caspar, Wyoming or Debi’s Bridal Shop in San Antonio, Texas.

Frankly, I think it’s time to look for another dress.

What do you all think?

(Read the next installment of the hunt for a Mother of the Bride dress:  Sometimes Yes To The Dress Is No)

35 thoughts on “Saying Yes To The Dress (UPDATE)

  1. You know we are all going to tell you NEVER GIVE UP! So, if there are two more stores, then you must try those two more stores! If you don’t, you will always wonder if one of those might just have had the dress. If neither one of these two produces the dress then you can at least move forward knowing you did your best and exhausted all possibilities. Good luck!


  2. I become incensed when I cater so slavishly to WordPress and they put my comments in the dumper. You should order this dress on the phone and if it doesn’t fit. send it back. Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it. The dress is wonderful and your first reaction is the true one. I bought the first mother of the bride I tried and many years ago, the first wedding dress I tried.


  3. I say keep on until you’ve exhausted all possibities! How about contacting the designer again and asking if they can help you out, either with the names of more stores that carried it, or maybe they’d special order it for you and make you one! Is there a full length view somewhere, side views? Maybe a dressmaker could recreate it for you? I’m not ready for you to give up…LOL!


      • I did some googling and emailed you some info to your gmail address. Let me know if you get it….I did find it on sale in one place…maybe if you contact them they’ll let you order up a couple of sizes to try on


  4. I always say there is a better dress out there. My guess is that dress is sold out and is no longer available period. I wouldn’t take a field trip or pay that kind of money for mail order. But that is just me. I’d still vote for finding a seamstress to duplicate the dress. Oscar fashion is duplicated every year. Bridal gowns and special occasion gowns can’t be returned.


  5. Next time, you’ll know to fall in love inside an actual store, not from a magazine ad or a catalog. Like you, if there’s one more thing to research, I’m ready to exhaust myself doing it, but I think a bridal shop close enough to monitor the alterations is the ultimate way to go.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s just too easy to enter, “Mother of the Bride dress” in Google search and you end up chasing a dress all over the country. I blame all of this on the internet! Plus, my awkwardness (and dislike) of shopping for dresses.


  6. I’m exhausted from this journey. Take the picture to a dressmaker, get the material and have it made up. That way it will fit perfectly and you will have your dream dress.
    You have till July to do this. Hurray up.


  7. This is truly a delightful blog to follow….I am now all involved in whether you get this gorgeous dress or not Darlene….and it makes me laugh….great marketing ploy and great way to connect…it is the woman thing…we all are actively in this with you and I would be willing to bet you end up with this dress….and when you do you have to post a picture so we can all rejoice..β™₯


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  9. This is starting to sound familiar…fishing comes to mind…will it turn out to be “the one that got away?” Either way it ends you’ll have a good story.


  10. OMG, great minds think alike! This morning I was thinking of comparing this to fishing but I couldn’t get past the bait image. One of my least favorite things to do when fishing, by the way – baiting the hook. Yuck!


  11. This was so hysterical ! I was laughing, but than I felt bad you are having so much trouble. I like Nordstrom myself. I bought my last dress there. Oh wait that was 10 years ago.


  12. All right, Darlene… You do have until July to get this done.
    My recommendations are the following:

    1. Take a deep breath and have a coffee
    2a. Give up on the “bail bond” neighbor and check out the remaining two possibilities.
    If you don’t find it there, you know you did everything you could and you can go on to take the
    next step:
    2b If you DO find it within one of the shops, you got it. But you’re right. Check it out, try it on,
    Don’t buy anything only by liking it on a picture. If they’re unwilling to help you: there are
    other dresses.
    2c If you don’t find it at those two shops, take your next step:

    3. Take a deep breath and have a coffee
    4. Check out the following stores:

    (See the last link… there are two very nice blue ones)

    Have fun and keep us updated!!


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  14. Weddings is definately not free affairs and couples occasionally borrow to purchase weddings and the’ve to build some options whether they have to perform beneath budget constraints. Of course, additionally, you will never desire to be common and neglected easily. Otherwise, dont get personally and turn into discouraged.


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