Weigh In: Another Fashion Controversy for H&M?

Weigh In: Another Fashion Controversy for H&M? (Reblogged from Mieux & Mieux website)


Leave it to Sweden to lead the way in fashion mannequins.  Could I see a show of hands, please: Do you want your mannequins looking thin and anorexic?  Or do you prefer your plastic models to look more like real women?  Take a look at the link above, and tell me what you think!

12 thoughts on “Weigh In: Another Fashion Controversy for H&M?

  1. On the left okay. On the right, the sox kinda get you. Maybe she’d look okay in clothes. I would like to see that type of mannequin in Lane Bryant and that type of plus store, which I need. As for H & M, I am in my sixties and their David Beckham window stopped me dead in my tracks.


  2. keep it natural and have an appreciation for all body types – designers need to design for everyone – not just the anorexic models — but ditch the socks!!


  3. ok, I’m going to ignore the socks. I think these mannequins look much better than those thin, anorexic ones. If you aren’t going to have any meat on your mannequins, why not just hang the clothes on a metal hanger? That’s what those skinny chicks look like anyway.


  4. Shamefully, I wear my socks like that….every day. As for the mannequins, it makes me want to shop there. It makes me want to buy the underpants—women come in all shapes and sizes. We need a better representation in stores. Now, if I could just find a mannequin with a flat chest and baby-momma hips. That’s me to a T!

    And yes, I kind of want the socks most of all.


  5. Real women every time! I’m afraid that I never gave these things much thought until becoming a mum of a little girl. I don’t want her having body issues as they are so destructive to self confidence.


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