When Life Gets In The Way Of Blogging

My mom fell last Friday and life has been crazy ever since.

She’s going to be fine (Thank God). Two days in the hospital, a C-Scan, one MRI, and numerous blood tests later, she’s back at home and eager to be living independently again. I won’t tell you her age; let’s just say she’s definitely a card carrying member of the Greatest (and toughest)Generation. She’s still sore, cranky as hell, and stiff (damn arthritis!), and so she’s still healing, meaning 24 hour surveillance for awhile. Not that she’s happy about it, but she’s agreeing to it for her kids peace of mind, and we appreciate her motherly sacrifice.

Needless to say, my days aren’t my own at the moment, and this blog will have to sit here quietly while I focus on my mom. I figured I should let all of you know since I’ve already had a couple of emails from people telling me they miss this blog and wondered if everything was fine. Well, things are getting fine. But there’s not much time for writing anything except grocery lists, caregiver schedules, and to-do lists. So please bear with me until life quiets down enough for me to find my way back to the keyboard again.

This week made me realize, by the way, that sometimes you can take for granted that which you love the most. I’m not talking about my mom, although there are times when maybe I might take her a wee bit for granted. She’s one strong lady and I’ve gotten used to that vitality and tenacity of hers, always assuming she’ll bounce back from whatever troubles come her way. She’s proving me right in this latest challenge that’s been thrown in her direction, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. But the one thing I never realized before was how much I’ve taken for granted my writing.

Every day I wake up and writing is always there for me. When I get an idea I reach for a pen or click on my computer and the words flow – sometimes effortlessly and sometimes after a little prodding. But this week there’s been no time to write and no way of predicting when I’d find the time to even think about writing.

That was a first for me.

I’ve always found the time. As a professional screenwriter with a paycheck waiting for my words to fill the paper, it was my job to make the time to write. Even when my two babies came along while I was in the middle of of screenwriting assignments, I’d write the scenes in my head while breast feeding. And after putting the little darlings back into the crib, I’d scribble down those scenes in the middle of the night and write them up the next morning.

Somehow I always found time to write.

But this last week was way beyond hectic, and juggling my own needs (my husband, my kids, my house, my dog) with what my mom needed was more hours and energy than this writer could barely manage. Through all of these busy days and nights I realized just how full my life feels when I’m writing. And how empty and lonely it can be when I’m not.

It might be a little quiet around here for awhile. So please, leave a comment just to let me know you’re still out there. It’ll give me a chance to write you back, and it’ll probably be the only writing I’ll be able to do for awhile.

56 thoughts on “When Life Gets In The Way Of Blogging

  1. Still here and sending my respect! I also looked after my mom at this stage of life. Believe me-and I think you do- it leaves the baby stage looking like a vacation. You are gathering so much to write.


    • I was on the fence about writing this post, but I owe it to everyone who has been so kind in supporting this blog. I didn’t want you all to think I disappeared into the internet. Thanks for kind sentiments.


  2. Glad your mom is doing well. We forget that they are vulnerable because they have always been so strong. Good reality check.


  3. It’s good to read that you have your priorities in perspective: Family first. I understand that writing is a critical outlet for you and this blog is a byproduct from which we benefit. Best wishes to your mom and enjoy being MOB.


  4. I too was wondering were you had been Darlene. I imagined you dress shopping and wedding planning. Did you find a dress yet?
    Sorry to hear about your Mom. I’m glad she is back at home and doing better. I’ll let my Mom know if you haven’t yet.


  5. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your mom and so glad to hear about your dress! The dress is beautiful! Check in with us when you can…it’s symbiotic.


    • Thanks for your well wishes, and I’m glad you like the dress. Now, for shoes, a bag, jewelry, new eyeglass frames (my own personal splurge) and anything else I need for the wedding. But that will all have to wait until mom is doing better. I will keep you posted!


  6. Glad to hear all is well with you and your mother! I’ve often thought about writing as being a “true love.” No matter what gets in the way, it will always be there waiting for you when you’re ready. Thinking of you!


  7. Still being here and waiting for you Darlene!! I hope your Mom will be up and running in no time. Of course, at a certain age it will take a little longer… but believe me, you’ll be missed and we’re waiting until your back at your desk writing your blog!!
    Good Luck!!!
    Thinking of you and your Mom!


    • Thank you so much, Raani. I really appreciate your words of support, and yes, as years pass it does take a little bit longer to get back on our feet again. That can be frustrating, but mom is strong and a fighter, so my money is on her to bounce back.


  8. Darlene,
    My prayers are to your whole family. I so enjoy your blog and you way of writing and thinking. Come back when all is well in your world. Just know I miss you. Blogging is new to me over this past year, but reading yours is one of my favorites. Besides I am hooked because you have a wedding to tell us about and all that leads up to it! With much respect, Alesia


    • You are so kind! I’m new to blogging too, and just stumbling along. But I really appreciate it when someone like you takes the time to connect with me. Thank you for your prayers – they mean a lot to me and my family. And yes, we have a wedding coming up! Yikes! Time is really flying, but we’re getting ready for it one.thing.at.a.time. Venue. Florist. Photographer. Now, I’m getting nervous 😉


  9. So sorry about your mom’s accident. I had a similar experience with my mother. Opening up your heart about your writing has really touched me. I don’t have a paycheck waiting for words to fill a paper, I don’t even know what that feels like! However, when I’m not doing something related to writing I go a little stir crazy. I can imagine how difficult this time is for you. We are here for you when you get those emotional and physical energies up and going again.


  10. Sorry your mum had that accident. She must be glad you are there for her and I bet you are glad
    you can help her now. I wasn’t able to do anything for my mum. I shall always wish I could have. May your mum get well and up and about soon. May God bless you both and all your family.


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