I’m Still Here

If you’ve noticed a little silence coming from my corner of the internet, don’t worry, I’m here but just not writing at the moment.  Last week was wedding week and this week we’re helping a family member move into a retirement facility sooooooo life is busy at the moment – too busy to be writing.  I’ll be off tomorrow for three weeks on a much needed vacation with the hubbie, but I’ll be checking in with all of you again at the beginning of August.

Are you enjoying your summer?

Send me a postcard!

Your exhausted tour guide,



28 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. well, from what I can discern, the wedding went well – hopefully the cross country move did so as well. Then you guys most definitely need that vacation!! away from family!! LOL!! I hope you’re going somewhere fun and relaxing!! by the time you get back, we’ll be gone — we’re up to box #33 so far (which includes about 15 boxes we didn’t unpack from the last move – haha). We’ve gotten rid of a bunch of furniture: the girls have moved their “must keeps” to a storage unit, and we’re ready for the packers and movers!! I’ll be thinking of you enjoying your much deserved vacation as we make our way up I5 with 2 howling cats in the back of the Suburban! Looking forward to your next entry — and more photos????


  2. Where’d you get that picture???? Excellent. I already know what you’re up to, so no surprise there. Take it easy, though, Darlene!


  3. Glad to see you’re still here Darlene. Did you look beautiful at the wedding? Don’t be modest. I sometimes think modesty (which we were taught in huge doses by our parents,) can be hypocritical.


  4. Congratulations on your daughters wedding. You now have a son in law and you have added one more person to your family. I know it’s a great feeling. My best wishes to your daughter and her new husband.


    • Yes, and I don’t do “busy” very well. I enjoy the solitude of being a writer, but it seems at the moment I am in the middle of a social whirlwind. The vacation (hopefully) will slow life down a bit and I’m looking forward to that.


  5. You are ending your nuptial whirlwind and we are starting ours. Luckily Mary is MOG but she is still stressing. I think I may have offended Matt when he asked if I was excited my response was, “Not as much as your mother.”


  6. Enjoy your holiday Darlene! You deserve it! – And don’t forget to show the picture with your dress! 🙂
    I’ll be at home for three weeks. 🙂


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