No Girls Allowed (news)

Gafni News Conference

Central High 6 News Conference

I’m so proud that our film, NO GIRLS ALLOWED, has been recommended by the Public Justice website, and by Arthur Bryant, lead counsel for the 1983 Central High gender integration case.

“A wonderful new movie – NO GIRLS ALLOWED – provides extraordinary insight into why litigation against sex discrimination is necessary and the difference it can make.”

You can read the rest of the article here at Public Justice:

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                  NO GIRLS ALLOWED DVD available here





21 thoughts on “No Girls Allowed (news)

    • You are so kind, James! I just think of myself as a story teller who uses whatever medium feels right for that story. This one was particularly challenging because a) I had no money to make it, b) I had no idea HOW to make it. I had a lot of guidance from some wonderful professors at UCSB, help from a dear friend who volunteered to be Executive Producer, assistance from a handful of very giving (and talented) students, and my son who told me, “Mom, you can DO this! I’ll show you how to use a camera and edit, and do sound…” Luckily, I talked him into actually being a member of the crew and he showed me the way. This one took seven years but at least I didn’t have to stay in my room, alone and writing – It was a group effort and was fun to make this as part of a community.


    • Thank you, Alesia, for your very kind words. I guess I just don’t like standing in one place – I get antsy and have to take on some kind of new creative venture. This is why I understand anyone who is ADHD. Come to think of it – Maybe I’m ADHD! Never been diagnosed but that would certainly explain a lot about my personality.


      • I DO have a short attention span. That’s why I never wanted to continue working in episodic television. My agent always tried to get me to create a series, but I told her I didn’t have the patience to keep writing the same characters every week. That’s one of the reasons the documentary was so challenging. It took forever to edit it, and then an eternity to find the right music I could afford to use in the film. What made it all possible was that every element I had to deal with was new and I had to learn as I went along. That, and a great friend and Executive Producer who was my sounding board/confidante during the whole process. Without her, I could never have done it. Making films is truly a cooperative activity – you must be able to play well with others 😉


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