After Three Long Years…!


Name:  Californio

Born: August 30, 2016

Weight: 99,000 words

Height: 8 1/2″ x 11″

Length of Labor:  Three years

The baby needs to be cleaned up, bathed, swaddled and nursed before he can go out into the world. But when he’s ready, you will be the first to meet him.

—The proud Momma

36 thoughts on “After Three Long Years…!

    • Thanks, Evelyn! It’s really kept me busy these last three years. I did a lot of research at the Santa Barbara Mission Archives and UCSB. I wanted to make sure the setting for the story was authentic and well researched. Can’t wait to share it!


    • Two to Three weeks. This is my first experience working with a copy editor, so I’m excited about going through the process. I’ve never had to do so much research for a book before and I wanted to make sure everything was verified and consistent throughout the story. I needed to understand this period of time so I could place my characters correctly in that setting. The only other projects I had to research like this were “Squanto” for Disney and an adaptation of a book, Man In A Box, that took place in Korea during the Korean War. But when you’re working for a studio you have the luxury of having studio money paying for as much research as you need, and giving you a research person to do the legwork. This time it was all me doing it and it’s the reason this story took three years to be born. Now, I have a better understanding about how fortunate I was to have those two projects paid for by a big studio.


    • Thanks, Lynne. I’m not sure I have my “blog legs” back yet, but I’m here and present again. It feels strange not to be sitting under a Redwood in Stow Park while on a horse traveling from mission to mission in 1774. Not to mention living the adventures of my characters. Writing long form fiction is definitely an anti social activity. It’s great to be back here again with everyone!


  1. YAYYYyyyyyy!!! I’m proud, Darlene, right proud. 🙂 I do wish I could take advantage of my emoticon addiction and place some clapping hands here for you! It’s actually what I did upon receiving your notification here.

    Congratulations, my friend.

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    • Thank you, Lynelle! I feel like I ran my own writing marathon and I finally made it to the finish line. I appreciate the congrats from someone who understands the discipline it takes (and training) to run a long race.


  2. Wow! Have just found you’re back on line. Hearty congrats on the baby! Please get the baby powder and nappies on quickly and wheel him or her out for viewing by the neighbours. I’m in just the right place for reading a great novel as I know yours will be. Am in a farm cottage in the Essex countryside. The silence is audible. Not a road in sight, let alone a passing car. Greenery for miles around with screes of trees, bounding bunnies and squirrelling squirrels; occasional visits by deer grouse and pheasants in past seasons when we have shown up too. Thank you v much for this great news.

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  3. Am back, unfamiliar up-to-date computer and my 18th century nature notwithstanding. Help provided by persevering grandson. So, tricorn hat in hand and v much tuned in, I await your kind offer of an intro…

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