Want To See a Good Film…?

I watch a lot of new films at this time of the year because I’m a member of the WGA and I have to vote on best screenplay. Seldom do I recommend a movie, but last night I saw one that I urge everyone to see.


“Hidden Figures” is based on the true story of three African-American women who played pivotal roles in the early days of NASA and America’s first space missions. Already nominated for two Screen Actors Guild awards, two Golden Globes, and having recently won awards from the Women Film Critics Circle  and the African American Film Critics Association, this is an important, smart film that is also fun to watch. And yes, you should take your kids. It’s the perfect family film.

“Hidden Figures” opens nationwide on January 5.

Mark your calendars.

5 thoughts on “Want To See a Good Film…?

  1. Thanks Darlene. Saw the trailers. On your recommendation, we’ll make sure to see it. Sounds like some truth is actually seeping out of history. And for anyone who’s lost a close loved one, my wife and I would strongly recommend, Collateral Beauty. Will Smith delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.

    Happy New Year, my friend!
    May Health… Happiness… Peace… Prosperity… and Understanding come to us all in 2017!

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