Look out, World, the Grandmas are coming back!


And we’ve got a lot of hugging to do.

I don’t know if our kiddos are going to be ready for this.

Our arms have been empty of those squirmy, cuddly, sweet smelling bundles of joy for a whole year. There aren’t enough hugs we can give them, or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, story time with funny voices, bubble baths with all the toys, watching cartoons on the couch together, or sing-along, legos, ice cream cones, and snuggles at bedtime. Our laps have been barren for 365 days; no arms have wrapped around our necks; no peels of laughter have filled our homes.

We are more than ready to come back to you!

Shot #1 is done. Shot #2 is three weeks away. And the countdown continues for fourteen days after that, and then, look out kiddos because Nonna, Nanie, Nanny, Gramma, Grammy, Gammi, Grandma is coming for you.

We might be a little more clingy than before. Our arms might not release you so quickly, our kisses might be longer, and maybe there might be some tears.

But don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine.

After one more hug. Or maybe three dozen.

(See you soon, Stokely!)

Photographed by David M. M. Taffet of http://www.InvisibleMan.Photography

(Thank you David M. M. Taffet for the generous use of this wonderful photograph. And because every great photo has a story behind it, here is the one behind this photograph: “Immediately prior to taking (this) photograph, the grandmother declared that her grandson was her favorite as she went to kiss him. The little girl on the floor wailed in despair and the teenager to the right of the frame smoldered with resentment. The young boy, of course, ate it up.”)