To My Uncle Who Would’ve Been 85 Today

I miss the twinkle in your eyes, your sense of humor when viewing the world, and your kindness. 

Your dedication to our family, and your loyalty to your big brother were lessons for us all.

And when it was your turn to lead, you did so with honor, humility, strength, and love.  You were a wonderful uncle: my skinny, curly-haired, very tall uncle who used to sing Rag Top to me while dancing me around Nanie’s dining room, before rushing off to play basketball.

I will always remember you as the man who taught me how to hold a pigeon so gently when I was five, and how you showed me that no matter how far they would fly, they’d always know their way back home again.

Your love for life, and for the people in it was palpable – visible in the way you worked, the way you played, the way you appreciated everything around you.  This is your legacy – who you were, and what you believed in.  And it will go on forever: in the hearts and deeds of those you loved and who loved you.

Thank you, Uncle Danny.