Sometimes You Just Have To Get It Off Your Chest

I’m not a fan of the iPhone 5.

I know that it’s thinner, lighter, and faster. The screen is larger, and the resolution is sharper, and it’s the best of the iPhones that Apple has to offer. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not anti-progress, or an Apple hater. I own an iPhone 4, and an iPad 2, and I’m madly in love with both.

But they’re fine just the way they are.

I don’t need them to be perfected every six months or so. They work just swell, and honestly, I couldn’t care less if Apple makes them better. Or at least better for the moment. Because you know what happens in another six months or so…Apple will make the iPhone or the iPad even better! So that means what?…another three hundred, four hundred, FIVE hundred dollars we have to spend?! Just to keep up with what’s supposed to be the best. Well, the best until the next numbered item is announced to the world.

I’m tired of playing that game.

I get it. We’re not supposed to be happy with what we have; we’re supposed to want something even better. Technology is moving at lightning speed, and we have to keep up with it. We dump the old, and reach for the new. Even if what we have is perfectly okay.

And yet…

I’m bothered by what I see on the screen: The news comes into my life and makes me pause. On the day the iPhone 5 came out Americans died overseas. People protested in the streets, and anger ruled the day. This world is split down the middle with those waiting in line for something faster, larger, and better, while others just want to live, feed their family, or be free.

Forgive me if I don’t want an iPhone 5.

It’s not as perfect as it looks.

(Have you taken a bigger bite of the Apple – Will you be buying the iPhone 5?)